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Florida-Friendly Siding: Choosing the Best Florida Siding Options for Your Southern Home

Your home’s exterior is its first impression for visitors and neighbors and well all want to make an amazing first impression. Selecting the perfect siding for your Florida home involves considering various factors, such as weather resistance and aesthetic appeal. The Archer Exteriors team in Pensacola, Lakeland, and Lynn Haven, aim to provide comprehensive insights to assist you in making an informed decision on your Florida siding options.

Florida homes with modern siding displaying work that can be performed by archer exteriors in pensacola florida.

Florida Siding Options from Archer Exteriors

1.     Hardie® Plank Lap Siding: Traditional and Timeless, Sleek and Strong  Hardie®

Plank lap siding is our top recommendation, recognized as the most popular brand of siding in North America. It seamlessly blends traditional aesthetics with modern resilience, offering a sleek and strong appearance. Requiring painting only every 7 to 10 years, it provides enduring value to your home. Routine cleaning ensures its durability, maintaining the authenticity of its wood-like appearance.

2.     Hardie® Panel Vertical Siding: The Warmth of Stucco with Superior Strength

For those desiring the warm, inviting look of stucco but with superior strength, we recommend Hardie® Panel vertical siding. This option combines the timeless elegance of stucco with the strength of fiber cement. Available in Statement Collection products and Dream Collection products—or primed for paint—re-siding your house with Hardie® Panel vertical siding adds visual punch to your design.

An infographic on siding material supplied by James Hardi and installed by archer exteriors.

3.     Hardie® Soffit Panels: Resistant to Warping and Rotting

Complete your home's exterior with our recommendation for soffits—key construction elements that cover the underside of your roof eaves and exterior porch ceilings. Hardie® Soffit Panels Products come in both smooth and vented profiles to meet aesthetic needs and code requirements. With a raised texture that mimics wood but is resistant to warping and rotting, these soffit panels provide a durable and attractive finish.

4.     Florida's Hardie™ Zone 10: Tailored for Semi-Arid to Arid Climate

Florida falls under Hardie™ Zone 10, characterized by a semi-arid to arid climate with mild winters and hot summers featuring extreme UV exposure. In response to this unique climate, their HZ10 products are formulated with the highest quality raw materials, providing enhanced resistance against cracking, splitting, rotting, and swelling.

Additional Considerations for Your Florida Siding Decision

·       Climate Resilience: Florida's climate demands siding that can withstand elements like humidity and occasional severe weather. Hardie® Plank lap siding, Hardie® Panel vertical siding, and Hardie® Soffit Panels emerge as resilient choices, offering durability against the unique challenges posed by Florida's climate.

·       Cost-Effectiveness: While considering cost-effectiveness, it's important to note that the initial investment in these James Hardie siding products may be higher, but their long-term durability and potential for increased property value make them worthwhile investments.

·       Architectural Harmony: Consider the architectural style of your home. Hardie® Plank lap siding, Hardie® Panel vertical siding, and Hardie® Soffit Panels bring their own character—sleek and strong for a modern touch, the warmth of stucco with superior strength, and durable soffit panels for a complete and cohesive look.

·       Professional Expertise: Archer Exteriors is your reliable partner, offering not only a variety of siding options but also professional guidance. Our expert teams ensure that your chosen siding not only aligns with your aesthetic preferences but also stands resilient against Florida's dynamic weather conditions.

Contact The Archer Exteriors Team and Learn More About Your Siding Options

The process of selecting the right siding for your Florida home involves a delicate balance between aesthetics, resilience, and maintenance. Whether you choose the timeless elegance of Hardie® Plank lap siding, the warm and inviting look of Hardie® Panel vertical siding, or the durability of Hardie® Soffit Panels Products, Archer Exteriors is here to guide you on Florida siding options and beyond! Contact us to give your home’s exterior a refresh, dial up curb appeal, making a lasting investment in the beauty and protection of your property. Thank you for reading!


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