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Energy-Efficient Windows in and around South Jersey

What’s better than saving money and helping the environment at the same time?

Enjoy a return on your investment and the benefits of maintenance freedom, energy savings and an increased resale value on your home!

No matter in what region of the United States you reside, it costs money to stay comfortable. In warm weather you pay to keep the heat out of your home; in the cold weather you pay to keep it in. Ordinary windows and siding can do little to stop the gain or loss of heat. With the rising costs of fossil fuels upon us, this can become a costly problem for many homeowners in the near future.

Heat Loss Comparison

Window Heat Loss ComparisonLet’s take a look at some of the best (and worst) window and siding technology in action: These thermographic images show the difference in the amount of infrared heat radiated by a typical home with traditional windows and siding, and that same home with premium products offered by Archer Exteriors.

In the image above, the bright white areas of the house on the left reveal a poorly insulated home with dramatic amounts of heat escaping from the old single-pane windows. The house on the right shows deep blue shades, indicating a drastic reduction in energy loss after the addition of premium windows, siding, and insulation from Archer. It pays to have good windows with proper installation.

Now, let’s take a look at how your home uses energy.

how your home uses energyHeating and cooling represents more than 40% of your household energy consumption. Couple that with the fact that over 90% of air infiltration and loss of energy is due to poorly insulated walls and windows and consider how much of your money is simply leaking out of your house!

Small Drafts = Big Problem

window draftsSmall drafts may not seem like an issue – but added together – they can amount to a BIG problem.

An 1/8” gap on just four average-size double-hung windows, where the sashes meet, totals the equivalent of an 18-square-inch opening. A similar effect occurs around window and door casings. Think about the size of this hole when you consider all the gaps in your home.

Let Archer Exteriors come to your window rescue. We have all the solutions to your home window problems.

More than just frames and sashes, replacement windows are an investment with a fantastic return. Aside from energy savings and being eco-friendly, real estate agents estimate that a homeowner will see an average return on their investment of up to 87% of the project cost should you decide to sell your home!

Take a look at some of our available styles and contact us today to schedule a free estimate!

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