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The concept of water management through gutter protection is actually based on scientific priciples. Have you ever noticed that if you hold a soda bottle under running water, the water will cling to the sides of the bottle?? This is called surface adhesion or surface tension. This same principle applies to the gutter protection systems installed by Archer Exteriors, whereby the water clings to the surface and the leaves and debris are whisked away.

The best feature of all is the ribbed panel that adds to surface tension. The water flows over the ribs, and around the nose-forward design, keeping your gutters free of debris that would normally clog any ordinary gutter system.

In extreme downpours, some surface-tension clog-free systems may have small amounts of skipping off the nose. Just check your downspouts and you’ll discover that 99% of the water will be moving any small debris along, flushing easily through the system.

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