Builder Services Overview

Our strong relationships with builders and developers, and our proven track record of outstanding customer service and exceeding expectations, have positioned Archer Exteriors as the preferred installer of many builders for more than 20 years. Our attention to quality installation and supervision drastically reduces callbacks. By utilizing Archer Exteriors for all of your exterior needs, there is only one company to call who has ownership, eliminating the confusion multiple contractors could cause. And with Archer’s ability to relocate our workforce from one market to another as needed, we can offer superior service to our builder customers.


Why Archer Exteriors?

High Quality Installers

Without question, the finest installers in the industry work with Archer Exteriors, Inc. Our installation teams can install any builder-specified product. If desired, our knowledgeable staff can recommend the right product for your specific application — taking the guesswork out of the selection process. In addition to their exceptional skills, the companies and individuals we utilize must meet these requirements:

  • Fully licensed and properly insured
  • Registered with state, where necessary
  • Able to perform high quality work on a consistent basis – safely, and on time.
  • Dependable
  • Able to interact well in a team environment
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Superior Quality Assurance Program

The Archer Quality Assurance Program is an integrated system of management activity at the field level to ensure that our workmanship and services are of the highest quality. It involves job-assessment, as well as any corrective action needed to meet or exceed client expectations. Additionally, a performance audit is completed on a monthly basis to solicit first-hand information from our clients. This information allows us to benchmark our field operations performance.

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24-Hour Emergency Service

Archer Exteriors is available to serve our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, in the unlikely event that an incident should occur. No one likes claims, but the fact is that they are a part of any product-driven business. Correcting problems at the time of installation is a snap, but remedying an unexpected problem as quickly as possible takes commitment. Archer Exteriors has that kind of commitment. We have a team of professionals who focus exclusively on handling claim-related issues in an expedient manner.

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Installation Phase Coordination

Time means money – and we understand that. That’s why Archer Exteriors works closely with Project Managers and Field Superintendents to deliver all phases of our installation services on time.

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Efficient Estimating

Our Estimating Department plays an integral role in the quality of workmanship that we provide. Our company takes pride in being professional and organized in order to serve you in the most detail-oriented, yet efficient, way. With our large and knowledgeable staff, communication between builder and estimator is second to none. Our estimators utilize the accuracy of digitized takeoffs and have gained a reputation for quick turnaround. Proposals can be tailored to the needs of the builder and our flexibility allows for revisions to be completed in a timely fashion.

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Commitment to Training

We offer hands-on comprehensive training in the field (with our Team Partner training approach) and in the classroom (utilizing our Residential Home Simulator). Additionally, Branch Managers utilize Keller’s Official OSHA Construction Safety Handbook to select weekly safety topics and discuss them during their weekly staff meetings.

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Dedicated Field Supervisors

Our Field Supervisors are company employees assigned specific areas of responsibility for which they assume complete ownership. Our workforce is monitored daily. A “pre-walk” sustains quality control and a safe working environment.

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A Leader in Safety

We take a proactive approach to job site safety and training. Our in-house quality control system strives to incorporate safety as a culture – not simply a job requirement. Our Field Supervisors are trained in Safe Operating Practices and inspect on a daily basis to ensure compliance by our workforce.

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Archer Exteriors is proud to serve our customers in multiple markets throughout the U.S. 

With over 30 years of expertise in the exterior renovation business, Archer Exteriors is proud to serve South Jersey, and many other states in the US.

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