At Archer, we think it’s important to educate homeowners on the dangers and prevention of ice dams! Never heard of an “ice dam”? Whether or not you’ve heard the term before, you’ve most likely seen one. It would essentially look like a large build-up of ice and snow towards the edge of a home’s roof, full of long, dangerous icicles. Not only is this dangerous to someone walking near the home, but also to the integrity of the home!

With reports calling for a cold and icy winter, it is important to make sure your home is safe from the threats of ice dams. To explain the concept a little more, an ice dam is caused when ice and snow near the peak and middle of your roof begins to melt while the ice in and around your gutters remains frozen. This barrier at your gutters prevents the excess water from being able to find a place to run off.Ice dams can form when snow accumulates on a roof and too much heat is released from your home, through your attic and up to your roof. The released heat only warms part of your roof causing some of the snow to melt; however, this water cannot run off of the roof due to the ice dam. This trapped water can then begin leaking into your home.

Also, if your roof is damaged, windows are not sealed properly, or have uncompleted renovation projects, now is the time to call in the experts. You want to make sure that your home is properly sealed and has no places for heat to leak out.

Whether or not you have experienced leaking during a winter storm in the past, it is incredibly important to get your roof inspected as winter approaches. Contact the experts at ArcherExterior Renovations for a winter home evaluation to help give you peace of mind this winter. Our focus is to make sure your family stays warm and safe this winter.